Diploma Theses

Completed Diploma Theses

Postgraduate Level

Escobar, R. Vision-Based Time-To-Collision Estimation System for Collision Mitigation (2016)

Undergraduate Level

Denazi, I. Vehicle and License Plate Recognition in Real Time (2019)
Selbessis, A. ENF-Based Authentication of Digital Media Recordings (2019)
Tsiknakis, N. Stereo Vision of Dual View MSG Satellite Images (2019)
Kalogerakis, V. Modern Video Compression Techniques (2019)
Bergeles, P. HEVC vs H.264 Video Coding (2018)
Polychronopoulos, K. Vision-Based Time-To-Collision Estimation System (2018)
Koutsaftaki, A. Registration of Images for the Creation of HDR Images (2017)
Mermelas, K. HEVC – High Efficiency Video Coding (2017)
Tagkalakis, F. Person Authentication Based on Near Infra-Red Images of Finger Veins (2017)
Tsakiris, A. Motion Estimation in HEVC (2016)