Ego​centric Perception, Interaction and Computing in the Deep Learning​​ Era (OMEGA) is a 3-year exchange program between the University of Tübingen (Computer Science Department) and the University of Patras (Electrical and Computer Engineering Department) in Greece. The aim of the project is to initiate a long-term sustainable collaboration and academic exchange between the two universities, to foster a tight integration between the participating research groups, and increasing significantly the synergy of their complementary expertises. The collaboration between the participating institutions will be facilitated through the joint supervision of graduate students, a series of mutual exchanges for collaboration on a detailed research plan and the exchange of guest lecturers. Special workshops aimed at intensifying the research collaboration as well as summer schools, targeted at training young students and introducing them to the fields of machine learning and perception engineering will be organised.

Duration: 2020-2022

Funding Entity: DAAD, Germany