• Gesture recognition based on sEMG signals and Deep Learning
  • Signal, Image and Video Processing / Analysis
  • Image and Video Coding
  • HDR Image Compression
  • Data Hiding in Images and Video
  • Fast Transform Algorithms; Time / Space Optimisation of Computationally Intensive Algorithms
  • Digital Signal Processors and Microprocessors; Real-time implementation of DSP algorithms

EMG Dataset

The MyoUP (Myo University of Patras) database contains recordings from 8 intact subjects (3 females, 5 males; 1 left handed, 7 right handed; age 22.38 ± 1.06 years). The acquisition process was divided into three parts: 5 basic finger movements, 12 isotonic and isometric hand configurations and 5 grasping hand-gestures. The recording device used was the Myo Armband by Thalmic labs (8 dry sEMG channels and sampling frequency of 200Hz).

Demos of the acquisition process are on YouTube here & here.

The sEMG dataset is available for free download here.